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 The first-ever guide to over 50 signs related to Jewish culture as used by the British Jewish Deaf community was launched on Monday 1st December 2003.

It is offerd as  an invaluable reference guide for parents of deaf children, British Sign Language students and tutors, interpreters, rabbis and anyone else with an interest in BSL and Judaism, the guide is illustrated with a short explanation and clear, easy-to-follow colour photographs for each word.


"With the recognition of BSL announced recently, this book is very timely and any attempts to raise BSL issues in a specialised field such as Judaism are encouraging. I hope that this is the first of other BSL initiatives within the Jewish community, and that other minority groups will follow suit"

Jeff McWhinney, Chief Executive, British Deaf Association

"This book adds a new dimension to the many ways in which the JDA brings Judaism into the lives of the Anglo-Jewish Deaf Community. By providing greater access to, and understanding of, the practice of Judaism, it will enrich the Deaf-Jewish culture immeasurably."

Sue Cipin, Executive Director, Jewish Deaf Association

Compiled by members of the Jewish Deaf Association, who use many of these words on a daily basis, the guide is the result of long research and consultation. It was conceived with two purposes in mind: to offer a basic explanation of Jewish practices to Deaf people about their cultural and religious heritage and as an historical important way of preserving specific signs for future generations.


"This book provides a much needed addition to the growing provision of Deaf people within the Jewish community."

Dr Jonathan Sacks, Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregation of the Commonwealth.

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