Greenbelt Festival

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Every year a small community of Deaf and hearing people have their own special experience a Greenbelt Festival

What is Greenbelt?

Greenbelt is a Christian Arts Festival. It provides a platform for the work of  Christian the work of Christian artists, musicians , actors, playwrights and authors. However it is not exclusive and those who don't yet fully share our faith but may be committed to some of the same values (social justice, commitment to the worlds poor  inclusion) are welcomed to join in and contribute.

As well of the best of Christian artists - you can expect top performers from outside (or on the edges of) the family of faith.

Greenbelt has a a variety of talks and panels - but the emphasis is often on dialogue with  world around us rather than simply teaching THE Christian view.  So often alongside more traditionally Christian interpretations people who hold an alternate viewpoint will be invited to speak.  You can hear a variety of views and make up your own mind.

What Greenbelt isn't

It isn't a Bible week or a worship festival. The main stage has bands and theatre NOT worship and teaching (though you can find hundreds of smaller worship events happening all over the site). Don't expect it to be like "New Wine" or "Spring Harvest"

It isn't linked to any particular denomination or church and sometimes those who are used to a  being "told what to think" can find the variety of Greenbelt a bit overwhelming at first. You will encounter evangelical, catholic and liberal Christian viewpoints expressed in the same place sometimes alongside secular viewpoints  without anyone telling you which is right!

Greenbelt Program

You need to buy a program book when you arrive at Greenbelt. Greenbelt is like a small town devoted to the arts with lots of different theatres, cinemas, concert halls, meeting rooms, outdoor events all taking place at once.    If you don't like one event  there are always another 20 or so things happening somewhere else on the site to chose from