Risca: Agape Community Church

Category: Wales

Agape is a deaf friendly church and provides sign language (equivalent to CACDP Level 2) in the Sunday services and weekly meetings.

We meet at 10:30am on Sundays, at:
Channel View Community Hall, Lower Wyndham Terrace, Ty-Sign, Risca

Why is Agape a deaf friendly church?

We are a deaf friendly church because we aim to include deaf friends completely in the life and worship of the church. We provide sign language (equivalent CACDP Level 2) at our services and one of the Cell Group meetings because it is our desire that those who are deaf should have the same access to God’s word as hearing people and the same opportunity to meet with Jesus and grow in their Christian lives. Many church people have had great fun learning some sign language and communicating with our deaf friends. We are able to meet people’s needs by meeting with friends in their own homes in order to talk about Jesus and look at what the Bible says, or to include them in the church Cell Groups. Deaf and hearing folk share in social activities and those who can hear have learnt much about deafness and sign language from those who can’t hear during these fun times together.

What activities has Agape held?

Deaf and hearing folk are welcome at all Agape’s activities as well as the Sunday services. Hearing people have particularly enjoyed sign language classes where we had fun learning how to chat about every day things in sign language. We also had a sign language quiz evening when all the clues were given in sign language – a real test of all that we had learnt in the classes! The time after the Sunday morning service when we chat and have coffee together is a real opportunity for learning to communicate with each other.