Manchester area: Deaf Churches (list)

Category: North West

For Churches in Ashton, Atherton, Bolton, Bury, Manchester & Oldham open

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Chaplain: Cathy Nightingale

Minicom: 01204 862664 Voicemail: 1800201204862664
Fax: 01204 572819 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ashton Tameside Deaf Club
225 Mossley Road
Ashton OL6
Second Thursday of
each month - 12.45pm
Mrs Dorothy Dillon
0161 303 8753

Atherton Leigh and District
Deaf Society
Mealhouse Lane Atherton M46
Wednesday evenings
at 7.45pm, four times
a year
Contact: Voice/Minicom
01942 603819

Bolton Bolton Centre
for Deaf People
Bark Street
Bolton BL1 2AX
First Tuesday of each month at 12.45pm
Contact: Mr Len Scarff Minicom/Fax:
01204 62075

Bury Bury Metro Deaf Society 8 Tenterden Street
Bury BL9 0EG
First Wednesday of each
month at 2.00pm
Contact: Club Office
Minicom: 0161 763 4882

Manchester Manchester Centre
for Deaf People
Booth Street East
Manchester M13
First Sunday of each month
at 3.00pm
Revd. Gaynor Turner
Minicom: 0161 799 0108

Oldham Oldham Deaf Society
165 Park Road
Oldham OL8
Second Sunday of each
month at 3.30pm
Mr Frank Buckley Minicom/Fax:
01706 355210