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Category: News - Deaf World Published: Thursday, 18 December 2014 15:54
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Signature are seeking to introduce a GCSE in BSL. They are developing a qualification specification, which will then be piloted in secondary schools throughout the UK from 2015/2016.  

Signature say "BSL deserves the same GCSE status as other minority languages like Gaelic and Welsh. It's introduction into the national curriculum would be a step in the right direction towards providing deaf children with more equal access to education and employment opportunities"

Advantages of a BSL qualification in schools would be:

  • enable Deaf children to study their native language at GCSE level or equivalent
  • improve the learning experience of Deaf children by giving them a level playing field
  • make Deaf children's learning environment more equal
  • create a more inclusive educational environment for Deaf children by enabling hearing children to communicate with their Deaf peers
  • give BSL the status it deserves in the National Curriculum